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Waltertainment is an entertainment production company founded by filmmaker Walter C. Boholst, Esq. The company has produced numerous projects including documentaries, concert films, DVD's, short films and music videos.


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Walter's feature horror film "VOODOO POSSESSION" featuring Danny Trejo is out on home video Jan. 14, 2014 everywhere (At Redbox, Walmart, Amazon, iTunes, Amazon Prime, Dish, Vudu, Xbox, Sony Playstation, Youtube etc.). Written, directed, produced by Walter Boholst. (94 min.) Distributed by Image Entertainment(U.S.) and Red Sea Media(International).

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Check out Waltertainment's zombie short film: "D-volution"


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D-volution is an official selection of:

* HorrorFind Weekend (Gettysburg, PA)
* Atlanta Horror Film Festival
* Singafest Film Festival (L.A.)
* Big Bear Horror Film Festival
* Vancouver Asian Film Festival
* Sunscreen Film Festival
* Pittsburgh Horror Film Festival
* Motorcity Nightmares Film Festival

Waltertainment projects have been Official Screenings at:

  • The San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival
  • The Mini DV Film Festival
  • The Salt Lake Asian Pacific Film Festival
  • The Smogdance Film Festival
  • The Asian Film Festival of Dallas
  • The Color of Film Festival of North Carolina
  • The Vampire Film Festival
  • The NFAYA National Conference
  • The Crystal River Earth Day Film Competition (Winner: Best Film)
  • Colored Pictures Short Film Festival



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THRUST is a Hollywood satire feature film where three desperate filmmakers must finish their dream TV pilot as their insane producer twists and turns it into the most obnoxious, perverted show ever.


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